Parking in Australia


Rules and regulations regarding parking on streets and car parks in Australia...

When parking in Australia, check the road signs to ensure that the vehicle is parked correctly. Failure to abide by the signs may result in receiving a parking ticket.



There are a few signs to be aware of when parking, which include:


  • No Stopping, where motorists may only stop due to the traffic conditions; for example, queuing for traffic lights
  • 禁停,只可以在等待交通號誌時進入


  • No Standing, where motorists may not park a car unless they remain in the vehicle and for no more than three minutes
  • 臨停,人在車上可在該格停三分鐘


Parking signs in Australia may specify multiple times, places, durations, restrictions and vehicle categories in a condensed form on a single sign.  A guide to the most common is below:


  • '1/2P', '1P', '3P': Vehicles can be parked here for half an hour, one hour, or three hours
  • P等於hour,小時數


  • '15 minute', '20 minute', '45 minute': Vehicles may be parked here only for the specified number of minutes
  • 可停留分鐘數


  • 'P' (no number): Permissive parking zone
  • 可停車區


  • Arrow: Instructions apply to the space left or right of the sign, depending on the arrow's direction
  • 可停車位置箭頭


  • '630AM-730PM Mon-Fri': Vehicles may be parked here only at the specified times - in this case, between 06:30 and 19:30 from Monday to Friday
  • 特殊時間停車:星期一到五早上0630到晚上0730(可能會有附加條件,幾p小時之類的要注意)


  • 'Ticket': A parking ticket must be bought at a nearby vending machine, and displayed inside the windscreen on the passenger side
  • 需買票(放車前)


  • 'S' behind a diagonal red line within a red circle: No stopping
  • 禁停


  • 'bus zone' / 'loading zone': Only buses or goods vehicles may stop here
  • 巴士/及卸貨才能停


  • 'permit zone': Only vehicles with a valid council permit may be parked here
  • 許可之交通工具才能停


A sign (or section of a sign) with '1P', '9AM-530PM Mon-Fri', '9AM-12Noon Sat' and an arrow pointing to the left indicates that drivers may park to the left of the sign for one hour between 9:00 to 17:30 from Monday to Friday, and between 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturday.




Payment for parking is generally taken at parking machines close to where the car is parked, and is usually based on an hourly rate. Some car parks still have a parking attendant, but the majority will have payment machines on site.



  • For further information on parking signs from Adelaide City Council: Click here (PDF)









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