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The video is directed by Ian Pons Jewell and shot in 4 days in La Paz, Salar de Uyuni and Potosí (Cerro Rico), Bolivia(玻利維亞內的幾個地方).

Ian Pons Jewell was commissioned by Virgin EMI(英國的音樂公司) to create the concept for the video, which focuses on a child's magical journey.

Jewell said that others compared the video to the Wizard of Oz (綠野仙蹤)and a local legend of the demon El Tio (惡魔)(大叔)and that both legends influenced the concept of the video.



La La La 影片是由Ian Pons Jewell導演於玻利維亞等地拍攝四日。

維京音樂請Ian Pons Jewell製作一個關於小孩子的魔幻冒險故事

他表示這部影片是受Wizard of Oz 以及 El Tio的相關概念產生。



影片的概念以及構想來自於The wizard of oz(綠野仙蹤)以及El Tio(惡魔)(大叔)維多利亞民間故事



以時間為序,環繞奧茲國的歷史,由《奧茲國的魔法師》開始,講述了一個名為桃樂斯的小女孩在奧茲國和獅子(狗)、機器人(銀臉的老人)、稻草人(毀容的小丑)追尋勇氣、善心和智慧的歷險故事。有時它亦專指《奧茲國的魔法師》這本書。有人以「奧茲國童話」、「奧茲系列」等名稱來稱呼這系列的故事。首14本由《奧茲國的魔法師》的原作者李曼·法蘭克·鮑姆寫,在他逝世後,露絲·普拉姆利·湯普森(Ruth Plumly Thompson)繼續這系列的故事,又創作了19本,再連同其他作家的七本,視為這個經典故事的原版故事,合稱「Famous Forty」。


El Tio


El Tío (The Uncle), is believed in Cerro Rico, Potosí, Bolivia as the Lord of the underworld. There are many statues of this devil-like spirit in the mines of Cerro Rico.(裡科山) El Tío rules over the mines, simultaneously offering protection and destruction. Some figures are really in the shape of a goat.

Miners bring offerings such as cigarettes, coca leaves, and alcohol for the statues and believe that if El Tío is not fed, he will take matters into his own hands. Villagers of Potosi ritually slaughter a llama and smear its blood on the entrance to the mines.


El Tío 被認為是裡科山的惡魔的王,在裡科山的礦場內,有許多El Tío惡魔的雕像,他掌管著礦場,同時提供保護以及毀滅El Tio有些形象是非常類似山羊的。礦工會帶香菸、古柯葉、以及酒去奉獻給雕像,他們相信如果不將El Tío 餵飽的話,El Tío 他將開始掌管事物(我不爽所以我要毀滅拉),Potosi當地村莊的儀式是屠殺(奉獻)駱馬(草泥馬)並將牠的鮮血塗在礦坑的出入口。'


El Tío 惡魔






Synopsis of the video







The legend adapted to the video



According to Jewell, the video is about a Bolivian oral legend that is related to The Wizard of Oz and dates from the early twentieth century.

根據作者表示,這部影片是根據玻利維亞20世紀初的傳說The Wizard of Oz

The history is about a deaf boy who runs away from home, where he received abuse, and finds a vagabond dog that accompanied from that moment.


After living on the street for a while, he discovers he has a talent for perceiving the problems of people whom he can heal by giving powerful screams like an earthquake or a tornado.

在街上流浪的些時日,他發現他有特殊的能力可以感應到他人的困難,並且他可以藉於自己的如同地震或龍捲風般的尖叫(La La La)治癒他們

One day, he meets an old man (mason) who was stoned by the villagers, after being mocked and ridiculed.


 The child, when he shouts, solves his problems and revives the heart of old man -in the video, the boy buys him a new heart-.

這個小孩用他的尖叫(La La La)解決他的問題回復老人的心跳(影片中是以幫他買了個心臟表示)

Together, they then found a disfigured man who was abused and discriminated against by society.


This man reveals that he is a prophet cursed by a demon, El Tio, because he stopped adoring him and left the community because it was inhabited by this demon.

他透漏他是一個被惡魔( El Tio)詛咒的先知,他不再敬仰惡魔並且離開了他的居住地,那個惡魔之地

 El Tio is considered the lord of the underworld, to whom mortals give offerings for protection or to soothe his anger.

 El Tio被認為是惡魔的王,凡人進貢他希望能得到他的保護並平息他的怒氣

The prophet said that anyone who listens to the devil would fall under his control and that he lives in the desert, where once there was a city that adored him and received a curse, which caused everyone to commit suicide.


Together the boy and the old man head towards the residence of the demon, until they reach a mine. There, only the child must deal with the devil, because anyone with intact hearing could be cursed.


With his cries he could stop the spirit from cursing other people.


The story in the video is unresolved, since the child is left facing the demon, while his companions have gone away.



由此總結可知這部影片是由一個聽不見以及受家暴的小男孩(主角)以及wizard of oz的三個配角遭遇,搭配解決 Cerro Rico裡科山的 El Tio惡魔的冒險故事


summary這位小男孩可被視為一個將礦工從El Tio的詛咒影響中拯救出來的英雄以及犧牲品

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