She’ll be apples


Translation: It will be alright.


Meaning:‘she’ll be right,’ which means that whatever is wrong will soon be okay. The subject ‘she’ represents everything and the user of the phrase can be seen as optimistic or apathetic.

意思: ‘she’ll be right,’這句話表示無論什麼壞事很快就會過去的(好的),she在這用來表示使用句子的人表達的任何事情(正面或反面)


she'll be apples


Aussie slang for 'All's well', 'It'll be alright'. also She's apples

Sally: What if something goes wrong?
Brooke: She'll be apples!



Aussie:澳洲人 或澳洲人自稱自己是澳洲人


總之:這句話就是  會好的! (澳洲人用)

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